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Summer is in full swing, and with the harmful UV rays beaming, itu2019s important to lay off the hot tools and give your hair a break from styling damage. Whether youu2019re Valentino Shoes Sale heading to the beach or just want a sweat-proof u2018do, weu2019ve gathered our favorite dog-days-of-summer-approved styles.

All you need for this effortless style is a couple Valentino Shoes of bobby pins and a sea-salt spray. Instructions</strong> 1. Part damp hair the evening before (to your natural part), creating two sections down the nape of the neck.  2. Mist generously with Sachajuan Ocean Mist.

3. Take one section at your ear and begin twisting from the middle to the end. 4. Bring twisted section of hair up to your scalp and secure with bobby pins. 5. Repeat on the other side. 6. Sleep with your hair pinned; then, take the pins out out in the morning and use your fingers to loosen the waves


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Whether we're swiping right to line up a date or streaming last night's episode of our favorite show, we're a generation that demands instant gratification. But wish as we might, there's still no magic potion that can whip up amazing skin in as little time as it takes to order lunch. By nature, skin care is a long-term investment. The effort you put in might Valentino Shoes not yield an immediate difference, but if you adopt a few healthy lifestyle habits now, we promise the gratification will come later.

Of course, taking care of your skin involves more than just slapping a few products on it. You know you need to drink water, but L'Oru00e9al Paris RevitaLift and Beverly Hills-based aesthetician Valentino Sale Vanessa Hernandez recommend committing to eight glasses a day to really hydrate and flush out toxins. It's also important to add colorful veggies to your plate u2014 they're packed with antioxidants that help skin fight off harmful pollutants. And, according to dermatologist Dr. Flor Mayoral, you should wear an SPF every day (not just in the summer) and seek out products with reparative antioxidants and retinols to double down on good skin from the outside in.

While you might not see results as fast as your latest Insta is racking up Likes, the earlier you adopt a well-rounded skin-care regimen that incorporates healthy habits, like the ones that L'Oru00e9al Paris RevitaLift recommends here, the sooner it'll pay off down the road u2014 and the longer the benefits will last. Knowing that, delayed gratification doesn't sound so bad now, does it?